Sampling Equipment

General Oceanics 1018 autonomous rosette - A state-of-the-art autonomous water sampling system designed for trace metal work - Australian National University



Mclane pumps - Large-volume in situ water pumps for particulate sample collection - ACE CRC



Teflon diaphragm pump and fish system - For the collection trace metal clean water for incubation trace element studies - Australian National University



Clean containers and laboratories - Mobile container laboratories for the processing of samples - CSIRO and Australian National University



  Shore-based Instrumentation

Quadrupole ICP-MS - Quadrupole ICP-MS with associated HPLC and cryogenic preconcentration systems for metalloid speciation - University of Canberra


  High resolution ICP-MS - High resolution ICP-MS for the determination of elements that suffer from spectral interferences at low concentrations - University of Canberra


  Multicollector ICP-MS - Two multicollector ICP-MS for the determination of elemental isotope ratios - Australian National University




ACIDTRACES - Trace metal clean ocean acidification incubator

The second generation of an incubation system that allows to control and monitor seawater pH while fulfilling open ocean trace metal clean requirements is in development - University of Otago



Automated and general Voltammetry Systems - A Metrohm VA 663 / Ecochemie potentionstat stet-up connected to a CETAC autosampler for trace metal speciation analysis is currently in the testing phase for Fe speciation titrations.  Additionally, two manual Metrohm VA 663 / Ecochemie stations are available for trace metal analysis - University of Otago



ESI-MS (Electrospray Ionisation Mass Spectrometry) - Characterization of marine metal binding ligands (e.g. siderophores) - University of Otago



CL-FIA (Chemiluminescent Flow Injection Analysis) - For analysis of Fe2+, Fe3+, H2O2 - ACE CRC, University of Otago